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    Since 2012, we've offered the US's highest quality Instagram follower service. All followers are genuine, cost-effective, and targeted.

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    Any concerns or problems you may have, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team who would be more than happy to help!

How it's Easy to Buy More Instagram Followers

Learn how to get followers on Instagram following through our advice and tips!

How do I buy my followers and likes?


We accept all major card payments. Any order made through Superviral is processed through bank-grade encryption to ensure your data is kept safe and sound! All payment details are instant and are not stored.

How long do US followers stay on my account?


All orders made through Superviral are closely monitored through our Superviral Refill system. If you lose any followers, Superviral Refill will automatically restore your account with whatever was lost.

All followers provided by Superviral are in line with Instagram's community guidelines, so you will always have access as long as you keep your Instagram account set activated.

Is it illegal to buy USA followers on Instagram?


Every single follower provided by Superviral is 100% legal! Your favourite influencers, celebrities, and more, use Instagram follower delivery services like Superviral to get more followers on Instagram for their brand all the time.

All unnecessary headaches can be avoided by merely choosing Superviral, which strictly delivers 100% real Instagram followers. With over 70,000 completed orders, you need not worry!

Do I have to give you my Instagram Password?


Absolutely not! We at Superviral will never ask for irrelevant information such as your password. All we require is the username to a public account to deliver your account! Our followers will click " follow" to follow and “heart” for likes and that's it!

To avoid placing your account at risk for suspension or maybe a ban, we strongly advise you to seek services within reputable companies to buy Instagram services that have been established for as long as us. Only through the years of experience can we provide you the highest quality of followers while also weeding out the bad ones!

Always keep wary of suspicious websites that claim to require your password in order to a fulfill an order. There is a strong possibility that they may have ulterior motives, such as malicious damage or hacking of your account. We will NEVER ask for your password! Or any other personal information. We care about our customers and want to keep you as safe as possible while helping you gain more followers to grow your brand and power your growth in marketing.

How to gain more US followers?


One could use various methods to boost their Instagram account manually if they want to: You could always attain followers by direct messaging people asking for a follow and/or likes back.

Or you could run competitions on your account asking for followers with a prize in return to a random pick.

These manual methods, while they may work, prove to be incredibly inefficient and time-consuming. This is where Superviral comes in to skip over that monotonous step and provide you with an instant following interest in your account! This will also pave the way for organic follower growth; would you rather follow a page with 50 followers or 1000 followers?

What's the quality of the US followers?


At Superviral, we provide all our customers with the highest quality followers approved by ourselves. With our specially handcrafted team that utilizes advanced Instagram analytics, our systems can pick out the most authority and quality accounts that are suited to your Instagram page!

These analytics include a user's follower count, amount of likes, age of the account, and engagement! You can rest easy knowing your account will receive only the most premium kind of followers!

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"I highly recommend Superviral. In just a few days I have significantly grown our Instagram account and noticed we're on the explore feed!"
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4-minute delivery

The 100 followers package was fully delivered within 4-minutes!

Karren Taylor

5-star service

This website has definitely helped me out in getting customers to trust me. 5-star service.

Sam Matthews

Simple and effecient marketing service

This simple Instagram tool is a great service to give you a great social presence. The order process takes less than two mins and is recommended to any professional marketer for a quick boost.

Gary Baker

I love that I can track order

Tracking information kept me informed through the entire process. Only IG service that provides this!


Personal account usage

Definitely use superviral if you want more followers. I use it personally for own account.

Alex Harrison

Helped in going viral

Superviral is 10/10! Very cheap and cost-effective. Really helped in going viral.


Easy to use

Easy to use layout and service started rolling in straight after payment.


Recommended highly

This software helped me gain traction for my insta-account. I recommend it definitely.

Henry O'Ryan


Thank you so much, I'm checking out the 5000 followers package

Danny Wallis

It works

Delivery took a couple of mins

Aisha K

Fast boost

Fast boost for my new Instagram brand. Chose 100 followers for £1, and great value compared to other services on the internet.


James is a big help!

Initially lost a few followers, but contacted James on superviral, and was reimbursed immediately along with 300 free followers. Excellent service.

Rowan Matthews

Quick exposure with IG followers

I was recommended by my boyfriend to gain some quick exposure with IG followers. Very happy with the results x 🥰


High quality + cheap

I've looked everywhere on Google, and found Superviral to have the cheapest prices. Very happy!


Boosted clients social media presence

As a long term user of Superviral, they've always exceeded our expectations. Whenver an issue arose, they would be the first to contact me and notify me. Content with this service.

Dave - BD Marketing

Satisfied with speed

Very satisfied with the speed of deliery!!

Gale Abraham

Very fast

It's very fast, thanks a lot

Simon Matthews

Delivered immediately

From all the websites this is the best yet. All followers started getting delivered immediately after the order. Love it


Coming back for more

Needed followers as our page is fairly new, but I am happy to say that all the followers are genuine. Me and my business partner are very pleased with the service and will be coming back should we need any more followers. 👍

Gareth Williams

The real deal

Big shoutout to james who pretty much resolved all issues. It did take a few messages back and forth to explain the situation properly but they not only got my order to me but gave me followers as a good gesture. Very happy with the service and can say these guys are the real deal especially James who has helped out.

D Yusuf

Results are amazing!

I didnt know if I could trust any of these services with my account or card info. So I just took the risk with their first package and I can say the results are amazing! Definitely recommended to everyone who wants real followers rather than those cheap ones on other websites!


Quick response

Thank you James for the quick response!


Still coming in

Order started within 4-hours of payment, very happy with service and followers still coming in, thank you 👌


Quality exposure

After contacting James, he pretty much helped me through the entire process and I am really happy with my followers! Would definitely recommend my friends who own businesses and are looking for quality exposure which ive realised instadb is able to provide. ❤️


Followers are given instantly

Amazing service and followers are given instant++


Received my order

I contacted support and was able to find out why the followers were not being delivered instantly as this is my first time. Fast forward its 8-hours in and i've received my order! Thank you peter for resolving the issue! 🤣🤣🤣


Reputable followers cheaper

If you really want high quality followers I recommend you go with this company. Sv have always provided reputable followers for much more cheaper prices compared to other services.

Jack Newell
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Reasons you should Buy Instagram Followers

If you're committed to boosting your profile to new heights - then acquiring new followers is crucial.

Why Should You Buy US Instagram Followers

Instagram alone has over one billion active people as of 2019, 120.7 million Instagram users are from the states! Imagine how far your business or profile could grow if you took even 1% of that percentage! That’s over 1 million US people following/liking your content.

However, Instagram does prove to be daunting for the average novice, without a decent following, your account is bound to get washed up in the sea of similar accounts. That's where our service comes in to give you that little nudge to get your profile to where it needs to be!

Follow count aside, think of all the opportunities this may bring with potential clients, business partners or fellow influencers! With a higher count, you'll WOW any user who comes across your page and more likely to increase your followers organically!

Buy Instagram Followers

How much does it cost to buy Instagram followers in the US?

On your search for Instagram services to buy followers, likes, or views, you may have come across websites with grand promises. Offering follows for as little as $1 per 1000. Sounds great, right? Well, one would think that.

The sad reality is that the follows you'll receive are from low quality accounts (including fake accounts), which for the most part, are automated. Services like these put your account at real risk to be shadowbanned or even a permanent ban since Instagram has systems to monitor fake accounts.

Since 2012, Superviral has offered followers for as low as $1 for every hundred new follows. Invest in getting genuine followers who are interested in your profile, content, and media, as your page truly deserves. Getting authentic Instagram followers that actively engage with your content is the golden key to success on social media!

So hit two birds with one stone and purchase Instagram followers through Superviral!

Cost to Buy Instagram Followers

Why do brand owners choose Superviral?

The average person spends roughly 53 minutes a day on Instagram, ample time for companies and brands to promote their products!

Various US-based brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Target and Walmart utilize social media to promote their products to over 71% of Instagram users via the explore feed. You can also be one of these brands!

Superviral offers your brand the strength and stability it needs to be involved with the USA’s largest businesses!

Choose Superviral For IG Followers

Buying Instagram Followers at Superviral

At Superviral, we provide all our customers with the highest quality followers approved by ourselves. With our specially handcrafted team that utilizes advanced Instagram analytics, our systems can pick out the most authority and quality accounts! These analytics include a user's:

  • Followers
  • Likes
  • Video views
  • The average engagement
  • Age of the follower's account
  • The types of different posts (e.g. writing, sunsets, colours)
  • Most popular day of the week

So you can kick back with peace of mind knowing you are receiving the highest quality followers for the long term. That’s right, no fake, worthless, or unengaged bots!

Buying Instagram Followers

Benefits to Buy Instagram Followers cheap?

Cheaper followers lower that seemingly unreachable, tall barrier, where all the big brands lay. With that obstacle out of your way, you can instantly push your account to the top, focusing entirely on your brand/content!

Always be wary when you purchase Instagram followers from non-reputable sources. Ensure that when you're buying Instagram followers, the social media marketing agency provides you with:

  • Active and legitimate followers that engage with your content
  • Fast delivery to your Instagram account
  • 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind
  • 24-hour Customer Service for any issues
  • Bank level encryption for payments

This is something we offer by default with all of our orders.

Benefits of Buying IG Followers

Is it safe to buy followers on Instagram?

So you've decided to push your business/page’s brand further than ever on Instagram, but with any significant decision comes hesitation.

What's there to worry about if you are purchasing from a reputable company?

Investigating a company before purchasing is crucial to keep yourself safe; Factors such as a company's history in fulfilling orders and reviews. Spelling mistakes and poor grammar are telltale signs that a website or review could be fake. Superviral has fulfilled over 70,000+ orders with the best in the field on our team, so you need not worry - giving you a peace of mind!

Safe to buy followers

How long does it take to deliver?

It's commonly thought that the delivery process is painful and slow, you'd even watch paint dry due to the boredom! However, this could not be further from the truth!

With our simple 3-step process of entering your details, finalizing payment and delivery, your order starts just 30 seconds after the payment has completed.

From over 13 years of experience within the social media industry, our service has been continuously adapting to our customers' desires, designed for quick and speedy delivery! From thousands of client feedback, we continue to make improvements so that we may continue to help and provide your account with the absolute highest quality of new US followers!

Instagram Followers delivery time

Will it affect my Instagram account?

Buying US followers or any other kind of followers is safe and legal, and will not put your account at risk ever since the birth of Instagram! Superviral Followers are never designed to harm your account maliciously, we are in for the long term to help you reach more interested people!

Shadowbans are usually a result of violations of Instagram's terms and conditions; plagiarism, inappropriate content, and scamming are just a few examples of what can put your Instagram account at risk for a shadowban. We recommend you to stay well away from these types of account activities.

Buying USA followers with Superviral’s instant follower delivery service is worry-free as we’re compliant with Instagram's terms and conditions.

affect Instagram account

Free Tips to Gain More Instagram Followers 2020

In 2020, these free tips are a must if you want to get more followers on instagram.

Increasing your sales with incredible content

While having a large following is enticing to people, your page's content is truly what makes your social media presence stand out. High-quality material made with love and passion poured into it will always show on a post - enticing others to follow along and leave a follow and like. Invoking emotional responses in your users is key to building a loyal fanbase with the addition of the Superviral’s real follower service.

Also, making your posts aesthetically pleasing is another crucial method in pushing your account further since the platform is all about . Overcrowded and bloated posts/pages with convoluted points are bound to turn people away. With this, color schemes and themes that are consistent with your brand, help keep your page organized and looking sharp! Defining this clear focal point and applying it will push your posts to new heights!

Keep it clean, snappy, and transparent!

increase sales

Excite your followers

Exciting your followers is vital to push your content further; identifying peak times of engagement throughout the day allows you to focus your energy on creating quality content for a scheduled time. The Instagram algorithm will identify these peak times of engagement and push your post into more people's feed, improving your analytics!

excite audience

Finetune your page with Instagram Analytics

Our world is in the digital age, and in that age, the most valuable object is data. Data shows everything regarding a user's tastes and desires. The leading giants, such as Best Buy and Calvin Klein, utilize big data to understand the bigger picture.

Instagram analytics is real-time data based on your IG Page, followers, likes, content and other media. When your page picks up speed with the Superviral boost to your US followers and likes, your analytics will see a stark change in data.

Use the data provided to finetune your page according to what your targeted demographic demands; A specific location has more demand? Create more content based around that location! A particular form of content is enjoyed more? Create more media around that! Adapting your page and brand-focus around what people desire is a vital help in your journey to the top!

instagram analytics

Boost your engagement

Engagement is one of the most crucial statistics surrounding a page/post. Engagement is calculated via page and caption watch time, and whether the user likes the content and the time it took them to do so.

Organic post engagement is best achieved with a great, snappy caption that grabs your follower's attention and prompts likes!

The use of emojis in your captions is also useful as it demonstrates relatability and a light-hearted tone. As with anything, be careful not to go overboard and overwhelm the user with every emoji on your keyboard! A maximum of 3 emojis is a good rule of thumb to follow. Many big brands follow these guidelines once creating a caption for their content, so get creative!

boost engagement

Keep your followers on their toes with Instagram stories

Stories are the new big thing! Thanks to Snapchat for pioneering the formula, stories on Instagram was a welcome new addition! The primary way to deliver content and give your profile character through a great Instagram story! Think about it, a dreary Sunday night spamming through stories, but you flick back to that one story that caught your eye. That's precisely what you need to be aiming for with your own stories!

It's a good rule of thumb to post between one and seven stories a day. Ensure a consistent theme is maintained. Posts and stories have a stark difference, with no likes, stories are more personalized to your followers and viewing how they respond towards you; feedback goes a long way!

They’re also a great way to keep your new users engaged after you buy US Instagram followers!

instagram stories

Go live to build a relationship with followers

Building that sweet personal connection between your followers and yourself is crucial to approve your page's engagement with your followers and anyone new without having to create content.

Taking your followers through your personal life, hobbies, or even how you run your business creates that same connection that one would have with their friends! Transparency with your followers and willingness to answer questions further helps to build that desired loyalty.

Treat them like digital friends, people would love to see what you’re up to!

IG live

Get followers from influencers

Promotions from other influencers are also another great idea to push your page towards an untapped audience! For a small fee, large pages offer features which you can take advantage of! Helping you to gain likes and followers by creating attractive content to attain new users to your social media profile.

A great tip to help is to make sure to first learn that page's analytics to see if that specific demographic fits with your page! An aspiring guitarist? A music page would be a great place to promote yourself!

followers from influencers

Be found on the explore feed

The explore feed is the holy grail of promotion on Instagram, anyone and everyone can see your content on the explore feed, helping bring in new followers and likes from all over the world! Using popular hashtags is a surefire way to get yourself into people's explore pages or feeds! Always be sure to use it in moderation and not blast users with hashtags on your post.

Using hashtags in combination with scheduled posts around peak engagement times is the best way to get your content into the hands of many more!

found on explore feed

Increase your Instagram followers now

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